just driving,,,,,

coming home from the doctor today, i was, as usual, people-watching. now, i live in a not too big town. yea, we’re incorporated as a city, but this is a town by definition. most people, well, long-time residents, families going back several generations, know each other. since they know each other, they give the “special” price to each other.  the rest of us just kind of go about our business. there really aren’t huge problems here; the little league treasurer embezzled $25000.00. someone with the girl scouts was caught doing the same. most town problems are manageable.  the residents of our oldest area and the town council are struggling to decide who should fix damaged sidewalks caused by trees planted by, you guessed it: town government.  like i said, most problems. except for one,,,,we have one of the highest gang-related homicide rates in the nation. while this is not a feat we strive for, the hard truth is, it’s here to stay. i’ve lived here since 1985. when i moved here the population was 100,000. this number was the same as the town we had just moved from, lawton, oklahoma, another podunk town then. at that time, there were no huge gangs doing gang things. you’d hear of a fight or something similar and the “originals” blamed the new blood in town.
the funny thing is, when i moved here, you could drive from either edge of town to the other in about 15 minutes. now the town goes all theway to the surrounding farmlands and produce fields on all sides. it’s kind of cool to have been here when it was still a “podunk.” but! i digress. like i said, people watching on the way home, remember? well i come upon this guy walking on a nice street in my neighborhood. he caused ne to really L-O-L !!!! seriously. he was a big, husky bald-headed white guy. he made me laugh because in other clothes he would have looked like a menacing thug. “never judge a book by its cover” rang in my ears. the guy, this threat, was wearing a CHARLIE BROWN shirt. you know, the yellow one with the squiggly line all around! i hope you can picture him. i almost pulled over to thank him, he made me forget about the doctor visit i was coming from.


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