if you are a parent of or know a child with an absent parent, please note.  about 20 years or so i worked at an agency serving mainly families with an absent parent.  i can’t go into the clinical sociological or psychological effect it has on these kids.  i can only tell you my personal observations.  i know children who have absent dads.  there are, mind you, absent moms also. i can only address the situations i’ve seen.  what i have noticed is that these kids stop mentioning the missing parent, but they have not forgotten. as these kids get older, they bury the pain, but it’s always with them.  moms (usually in the home) play both roles as best they can, but it isn’t easy. they struggle emotionally, financially and their hearts break watching their children in pain.  thbeing absent. ese children do hurt and no one can cure it.  if the absent parent had a heart or conscience, they would have prevented the child’s pain.  there are excellent parents who are no longer partners, never forgetting the child(ren). many times the absent parent doesn’t take an active part in raising the child(ren) nor providing for their needs.  these children only ask for one thing, a reason.  they are suffering in silence, wondering why. they wonder if there is something lacking in them, if they are not good enough. not realizing until they’re older, maybe with children of their own, that it wasn’t something lacking in them, but in their parent. unfortunately the damage is done. on the other hand, if you have a friend who is a DeadBeat parent, call them on it. if you saw a good friend physically abusing their child, hopefully you would step in. same thing with being absent.


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